Clothes Labels Direct From Snappy Tags

The simple way to label clothes and school uniforms with personalised Snappy Tags – the modern alternative to traditional clothes labels.

Don’t want to spend hours sewing in name labels or tired of iron-on nametapes which come off after a few washes? Then Snappy Tags are for you!

Label all your clothes or school uniform in a snap with the hand-held applicator, and Snappy Tags are re-usable too!

Label Clothes the Snappy Tags Way

How it works

Snappy Tags resemble a spare shirt button, laser-etched with your chosen name or number (up to 22 characters) and fix onto the clothes laundry label with a one-click applicator.

We laser-etch the Snappy Tags clothes labels which ensures the name will last wash after wash without fading - you tell us the name or number you require etching onto your tags. Just snap the tag into place with the hand-held applicator and move onto the next garment – it’s as easy as that! The Snappy Tag will stay in place unless you want to remove it (using the applicator) – you can even re-use the tag on another item of clothes, all you need is a new Snappy Back to hold the tag in place (available separately). Snappy Tags are therefore ideal clothes labels for children, as you can re-use the tags as your children grow into new school uniform – so no last minute panics that you’ve run out of labels!

Snappy Tags are available to order online in a clothes label kit which includes an applicator to securely label all your clothes in a snap; additional packs of Snappy Tags are available separately. Don’t waste time on traditional clothes labels, order your Snappy Tags kit today!

Snappy Tags are also available to order in bulk. If you are interested in using Snappy Tags for a business – whether it is a care home, yacht crew, work uniforms, boarding school etc. – please contact us to discuss your requirements. Email or call 0844 5611994

Clothes Labels from Snappy Tags for School Uniforms

  • No ironing or sewing, just snap on the tag with the applicator.
  • Snappy Tags will not come off - they can only be removed using the applicator.
  • Unlike traditional clothes labels, Snappy Tags are re-usable.
  • A durable and hard-wearing way to label clothes and uniforms.

Snappy Tags Clothes Labels for Care Homes

  • There’s no sewing or ironing with Snappy Tags, label all your residents’ clothes quickly and securely with the hand-held applicator.
  • Snappy Tags clothes labels can be etched with a name and/or number as required.
  • Clothes labels suitable for underwear and mesh laundry bags also available.
  • Fast and efficient service.
  • Account facilities available for care homes and other businesses.

Other Clothes Labelling Requirements

  • Snappy Tags are so versatile, they can be used to label many kinds of clothes and fabrics – they are ideal for labelling work uniforms, yacht crew uniforms, linens in holiday accommodation – the list is endless!
  • A discreet and effective way of personalising.
  • Bespoke and bulk ordering services available – contact us to discuss your requirements.

Snappy Tags Clothes Label Kit (50 Tags)

With enough to label 50 items of clothes, our Snappy Tags Clothes Label Kit includes an applicator, 50 Snappy Tags and 50 backs, which ensure your tags are held securely in place.

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Snappy Tags Clothes Labels (25 pack)

Buy additional Snappy Tags clothes labels direct from us in a pack of 25. Contains 25 Snappy Tags etched with your chosen name or number and 25 Snappy Backs to hold them in place on the clothes laundry label. (Snappy Tags Clothes Labels are also available in packs of 50.)

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